Youth in Kazo face many challenges as they grow in a community with high HIV prevalence, low socio-economic level and few jobs or economic opportunities. Due to the high cost of education and the relatively poor level of education, dropping out of school before completion is very common. As few job opportunities are available to youth, they find themselves possessing little resources to utilize and further develop their capacity effectively. In this situation, drugs and crime become dangerous temptations to youth in the community.

UYWEFA periodically visits local primary and secondary school to meet with adolescents in the community. It also provides education and youth facilitation programs to raise the local young people’s awareness about the sexual and reproductive health issues and the consequences of drugs and crime. UYWEFA periodically works with other organizations in Uganda, including Straight Talk Uganda, to organize these programs.

UYWEFA also offers activities to engage the youth in making a contribution to their community and develop skills for future success, which helps them become more engaged and invested in the development and successes of their neighbors. For instance, UYWEFA hosts a football match during the school breaks, and the youth are given the opportunity in this event to work with younger children as they serve as positive examples to the children. Meanwhile, from time to time UYWEFA invites the local young people to carry out community surveys, which enables them to directly communicate with people in the community, broadening their understanding of the challenges faced by the local people and stimulating the youth to find solutions. Additionally, UYWEFA organizes the dance and film events that engage the youth.