UYWEFA is facing some challenges. Many of these challenges stem from the fact that we are renting the building and land used for many UYWEFA projects, including the International Education Centre. We are eager to construct our own class room in order to ensure we maintain a permanent presence in the community and provide us the flexibility to expand.

With the construction of the class rooms   we will have the ability to support our increasing student population. We will have more space for the youth and vocational training programs and be able to create an independent office for UYWEFA staff. In addition to the freedom to expand, we will decrease our monthly expenditures.  And to be used to support people affected by HIV/AIDS, through the creation of more bursaries for vulnerable children and growing current programs and developing new projects.

UYWEFA is grateful for all contributions made to support the programs that are providing valuable services to the community of Kazo. If you are interested in learning more about how to support UYWEFA’s efforts please write us an email.