While we are working to find other, long-term sources of funding, UYWEFA is primarily reliant on private donations.  The school structure currently houses all three of the organization’s programs, but the administrators and board of directors are currently fighting to  construct  a building on the land donated by volunteers and community , .  A campaign on the popular crowd-funding site has helped marginally, but international volunteers are still looking into facilities and equipment grants to secure UYWEFA’s future.

Also included in the financial breakdown for UYWEFA’s activities is a May 2014 grant awarded to the candle-making program by PEPFAR, a United States mission to Uganda that is a sub-project from USAID, and support from Barclays Bank and Tools with a Mission UK. Also Global funds international has provided us with gifts in 2016 .  Other partnerships include Together Against AIDS Positive Association (TAAPA), another local organization committed to serving AIDS-affected populations in Uganda which has provided nutrition and counseling training to the HIV-positive single mothers; Nurture Africa, an Irish-funded community health organization which was instrumental in the will-writing workshop, as well as a referral system for HIV-positive mothers and children at UYWEFA; the     Uganda Pioneers Association, Uganda Volunteers for Peace, and the Nansana Town Council Civil Society Forum, a network of civil society organizations that serve the Nansana area and Wakiso District.  A complete breakdown of UYWEFA’s fundraising (2012-2014) is as follows:

Breakdown of Uganda Youth and Women’s Effort Fighting AIDS (UYWEFA) financial profile.

Donor Amount Time Purpose
Private Donors (UYWEFA Holiday Fundraiser) 9,150,000 UGX

3, 425 USD

2012 (Installments) Center Expansion & Economic Empowerment
Barclays Bank 8, 000, 000 UGX

3, 076.81 USD

November 2012 School Equipment (Desks) and HIV/AIDS Fundraiser
David Cousins 3, 000, 000 UGX October 2013 Education Center Development
Janka Mielke 1, 141.01 USD October 2013 Education Center Development
Gundrum Felow Mielkle 6,600,000 July- Sept 2013 Child sponsorship and center development
PREPFAR 23, 400,000 201415 Economic Empowerment
Fundraising 416,4000 2014 Purchase of land
Gudrun Fehlow-Mielke 7200,000 2013-2015 Child spnsership
Allison Blumling 1,409,551 2015 Women empowerment  and Land buying
Jake Blanco 2.3 million 2015 Sponserhip and centre expansion

With three growing programs and a promising search for sustainable sources of funding, Uganda Youth and Women’s Effort Fighting AIDS (UYWEFA) has made strides in the fight against HIV/AIDS in the suburban community of Kazo.  In the future, the organization hopes to help its beneficiaries to raise awareness, both about HIV/AIDS and the programs available at UYWEFA, and increase the volunteer support they provide to the community