Of the approximately 1.2 million people in Uganda living with HIV/AIDS, over half are women, and about 150,000 are children under 15. The deaths caused by the disease have resulted in a large orphan population, usually under the care of single positive individual. UNAIDS estimates that the country has about 2.73 million orphans (below the age of 18), nearly half of whom have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

As part of the district with the highest HIV prevalence rate in Uganda, the families of Kazo have suffered the devastating effect of HIV/AIDS. The condition created a growing population of orphans and vulnerable children. To support these children UYWEFA operates a low cost nursery and primary school, as well as providing free educational opportunities for older children living with HIV/AIDS in the community.

.  UYWEFA also hopes to construct a boarding school on purchased land located outside Kazo in order to better serve the community and provide quality education to the most vulnerable children who do not have homes.